Wired Assurance

Deliver reliable experiences for connected devices

Wi-Fi Assurance

Mist provides the industry’s most robust WLAN with customizable service levels, automated event correlation, dynamic packet capture, inline policy engine, personalized WLANs, guest Wi-Fi, and more.

Wired Assurance

The Mist Wired Assurance Service brings robust data from Junos switch telemetry into the Mist microservices cloud and AI engine for simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair and better visibility into end-user experiences.

WAN Assurance

The WAN Assurance cloud subscription enables simpler operations, better visibility into end-user experiences and shorter mean time to repair for your WAN.

Marvis Virtual Assistant

Simple natural language queries and integrated help desk functions ensure unprecedented insight and rapid, proactive Wi-Fi problem resolution.

Premium Analytics

Increase your network IQ to accelerate your digital transformation. Mist Premium Analytics offers enterprises end-to-end network visibility and business insights to support this transformation.

User Engagement

Deliver rich user experiences with real-time location-based context, including turn-by-turn directions, proximity-based notifications and alerts through Virtual Bluetooth LE. No battery beacons or manual calibration required.

Asset Visibility

Locate high value assets, such as wheelchairs, equipment carts, and pallets. Find nearby sales associates, nurses, and more. Traffic analytics from Mist enable better business decisions and ensure optimal allocation of resources.

Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling driven by Mist AI brings network security to the distributed access network edge, such as campus and branch, and work-from-home sites. It extends security beyond the internet perimeter without requiring a new tool. Infected wired or wireless clients that are observable by Mist AI are assigned a threat score determined by the Juniper ATP Cloud.

AI-powered automation and service levels for Juniper EX Series Switches.

Mist Wired Assurance is a cloud service blazing a new standard from network management to AI-driven operations, by delivering better experiences for connected devices through AI-powered automation and service levels with Juniper EX Series Switches. It encompasses simplicity every step of the way—starting with seamless onboarding and auto-provisioning, to streamlined management and troubleshooting. Wired Assurance leverages rich Junos telemetry to enable simpler operations, shorter mean time to repair, and improved visibility into end-user experiences for wired devices.

Benefits of the Wired Assurance Service

Maximize Wired User Experiences

  • Wired Service Level Expectations (SLEs) for pre- and post-connection performance metrics
  • Visibility of wired client and infrastructure health metrics
  • Proactive root cause identification with automated self-driving actions*

*Mist VNA service required

Simplified Operations

  • Plug and play with a single click activation of ZTP enabled Juniper EX Series Switches
  • Streamline bulk updates using configuration templates
  • Enable static or auto-provisioning of color and colorless ports

Wired Assurance Overview

Key Components

Wired Service Level Expectations (SLEs)

Set, monitor and measure wired user experience with pre- and post-connection performance metrics. Key wired SLEs include throughput, successful connects and switch health to understand how the network experience is for your users, wired devices and IoT endpoints

AI-Driven Switch Insights

Know exactly how wired switches are performing with detailed metrics and insights at a device level, such as CPU, memory utilization, and Virtual Chassis status. At the port level, see bytes transferred, traffic utilization and power draw.
Receive performance series data or hover over a connected port to see real-time data on the type of wired device and its connectivity details.

Switch Health Metrics

Ensure optimal operations with key health metrics such as firmware compliance, missing VLANs, or switch-AP affinity, etc. for multivendor environments when paired with Mist Access Points.

Anomaly Detection for Wired Switches

When combined with the Marvis Virtual Network Assistant service, the system will deliver proactive anomaly detection to identify issues in the wired network before users report them. The Mist AI engine baselines and then, with its 3rd generation algorithm that boosts efficacy, proactively detects anomalies to identify and determine root cause when issues occur.

Single Click Activation and Auto-Provisioning for Wired Switches

Claim, configure and troubleshoot Juniper EX Switches with a one activation code for true plug-and-play capabilities. This minimizes onboarding errors, helping to save time and streamline efficiencies.

Open APIs for Third Party Integrations

Harness the power of 100% open and programmable APIs to fully automate the activation, onboarding and configuration process. You can integrate with third party systems like ServiceNow and Splunk, which support APIs for automated ticketing, troubleshooting, and more.

Digital Transformation with Network Insights

Mist Wired Assurance includes base capabilities for analyzing up to 30 days of data to simplify the process of extracting network insights from data across your enterprise to better align your resources to changing requirements.

You can also subscribe to our Premium Analytics service to enable these advanced capabilities: further extend network insights and perform analytics for up to a one-year data set; enable custom reporting; and infuse telemetry from third-party data elements.

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