Wi-Fi Assurance

The Mist Cloud Services are transforming IT operations towards the intelligent self-driving network in the era of the AI-Driven Enterprise.

Mist’s machine learning, which the Wi-Fi Assurance Service is built on, replaces manual troubleshooting tasks with automated wireless operations. Minimize costs while maximizing Wi-Fi performance and reliability.

The Mist platform is built on a modern microservices cloud architecture, which enables elastic scale to meet your changing wired and wireless access LAN Infrastructure market requirements, focusing on operational simplicity, 100% API- based programmability, and customer engagement through location based services.

Wi-Fi Assurance, driven by Mist’s machine learning, replaces manual troubleshooting tasks with automated wireless operations, This subscription service makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable with unique visibility into user service levels. Set up and track service-level thresholds for key wireless criteria (pre and post connection metrics), such as time to connect, capacity, coverage, and throughput.

Anomaly detection automates triggers to capture packets for event correlation and builds network intelligence with RRM at the client level for unprecedented visibility into the user experience for their wireless network. Expand Wi-Fi quality to the end user with Mist Wi-Fi Assurance.

The Mist services are 100% programmable with all functions (provisioning, monitoring, alerts) available through open APIs that enables you to integrate with your IT applications to automate your network and line of business operations.


Maximize Wi-Fi User Experience Minimize IT Support Costs
Proactively optimize performance Dynamic packet capture for troubleshooting
Prioritize applications, resources, and users Proactive root cause identification
Simple and secure access to resources Network automation with APIs

Set, Monitor and Enforce Service Levels

Setup and track service level thresholds for key wireless criteria (pre- and post- connection metrics), such as time to connect, capacity, coverage, and throughput. At any given time, you can see how your network is performing against Service Level Expectations (SLE), with deep visibility, including location context into impacted users, applications, and devices.

Simple Root Cause Analysis and Remediation

Mist dynamically collects information from all endpoints (over 150 state changes are captured for each client device and access point every few seconds), and correlates it for quick wireless, wired, and device problem identification. Predictive recommendations and automated workflows let you quickly remediate problems or prevent them entirely. This root cause analysis feature can be further enhanced with the Virtual Network Assistant Service added capabilities.

Automation for Deployment and Provisioning

The Mist platform is 100% programmable, using open APIs, for full automation and seamless integration for rapid provisioning with complementary products including our AI for IT partners across LAN, WAN, security, engagement and asset location.

Network Rewind and Dynamic Packet Capture

The Wi-Fi Assurance Service automatically detects and starts capturing packets when an anomaly is detected. With this record, you are able to rewind back in time to see what was going on exactly when the event occurred, while eliminating hours or days spent with guess work or reproducing issues to capture the data.

Client Profiling

Mist profiles clients for device types, operating systems, applications, location, and user role. This enables the Mist WxLAN to auto detect printers, Apple TV’s and other IoT devices. This enables automatic detection and categorization of endpoints for security and audit reasons, without requiring any manual database management.

Comprehensive Network Performance and SLE Dashboard Analytics

In addition to proactively correlating events and providing remediation recommendations, the platform also provides a daily and weekly trend of the SLE metrics. These reports provide unprecedented visibility over the last week for longer term trend analysis into anomalies seen at the AP, device, application or OS. The current set of available SLEs are: Time to Connect, Successful Connects, Throughput, Roaming, Coverage, Capacity, AP Uptime, WAN.

AI-driven Radio Resource Management

Unlike other solutions, Mist uses data science and cumulative SLE performance to learn and better radio settings to assure performance, while also instantaneously adapting to intermittent outside interference. The AI-driven RRM will take coverage and capacity anomalies based on client experience (SLE metrics) and proactively feed this into the RRM decisions, so that the RF planning continues to improve and adapt in changing environments that often occur in today’s digital workplace.

WxLAN Policy Creation and Enforcement

Mist delivers operational simplicity by allowing you to create policies for role, device type, and user-based access on the network with an inline policy engine – WxLAN. Gobal labels created for physical and logical resources (users, WLAN, AP, IP addresses, IP subnets, applications) enable policies to be enforced at the edge on the Access Points.

Personal WLAN

Create your own personal wireless network (with personalized preshared key) through a self-serve portal, for a secure network for usage. This can be used to secure IoT and guest traffic as well as provide a scalable solution for multi-tenant networks.

With the Wi-Fi Assurance Service, the Mist AI-driven WLAN solution is the platinum standard for any digital deployment, helping you deliver a dynamic user experience while simplifying management, planning, and troubleshooting for your IT team. This service includes the complete wireless, security, guest access, and network management functions with a single subscription.

Guest Portal

Mist enables customers to create custom guest portals that can optionally include: terms of service, email/text login or even social media login to help boost customer engagement.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Network Insights

Wi-Fi Assurance includes a base analytics capability for analyzing up to 30 days of data which enables you to simplify the process of extracting network insights from data and analytics across your enterprise. Review your network throughput peaks to properly align your support resources.

To extend these capabilities to 3rd party network elements and the ability to consume up to one year of data, along with the option to generate customized reports, the Mist Premium Analytics service is available as an additional subscription.