Mist Marvis Overview

The Virtual Network, known as Marvis, is an AI-driven network assistance service for helpdesk staff and network administrators. It enables the future of helpdesk operations with simplified troubleshooting and network performance analysis. Simply ask a question—”Why is Bob’s Wi-Fi slow today?”—to get answers to complex questions. As IT transforms towards a self-driving network, Marvis takes proactive measures by and offering driver-assist features to keep the network running seamlessly.

Per Client Service Level Expectations

Complementing Mist’s two assurance services, Marvis provides continuous behavioral analytics and network traffic analysis to each client using machine learning. Having the ability to track clients and their trends gives IT deeper insights for trouble shooting and planning. More importantly, Mist’s open API framework can trigger automated workflows so you can rapidly solve wired, wireless and device problems.

Get Insights and Troubleshoot by Asking Marvis Questions

With Marvis’ Natural Language Processing interface, troubleshooting is accelerated by eliminating the need to pull up multiple dashboards or issue numerous CLI that are warranted from today’s competing solutions. And getting insights into how the network or endpoints are performing is simplified, helping you better understand your environment. Simply ask the system how many endpoints of a certain type/ OS are connected, giving you insights into your employee and guest BYOD devices to help in support or development planning. Marvis, which can possibly answer network health questions faster than a person, is like having a virtual network expert on your team who combs through the data and logs to determine root causes of issues.

Marvis Actions

It brings Marvis AI-engine’s transformational concept of the self-driving network to IT teams. It identifies issues across IT domains (WLAN, LAN, WAN and Security) and turns them into human actions to resolve most issues. For Wired Assurance, Marvis Actions automatically adds missing VLAN tags, fixes incorrect port mode configuration settings, or identifies bad network cables. For Wi-Fi Assurance, Marvis Actions helps track and manage firmware upgrades and EAP/802.1x authentication failures. Marvis Actions performs self-driving actions by identifying identifying the root cause wired and wireless problems and making automatic fixes when possible. For connected systems outside the Mist domain, it will recommend actions with high efficacy for administrators (akin to driver-assist mode) along with a real-time network health dashboard that reports issues from configuration to troubleshooting.

Proactive Anomaly Detection

Marvis adds anomaly detection to the Mist SLE dashboard so that administrators can rapidly identify services impacting events and, then quickly identify and resolve the root cause of issues. Anomaly detection leverages data science tools to automatically determine service baselines and trigger notifications when there is a service-impacting deviation from that baseline. With our API driven interface, detected anomalies can even trigger external events such as creation of a help desk ticket, without manual intervention.

Multivendor Wired Switch Health

Delivers health statistics through Marvis with Mist access points for multivendor switches including:

  • Version compliance for switches running dissimilar hardware
  • Switch-AP affinity shows how many APs are connected to a switch, reducing impact outages
  • PoE compliance
  • Inactive or missing wired VLANs that are misconfigured on switch ports where APs are connected but clients are getting blocked