User Engagement through Indoor Location Services

Cloud Subscription Service

Wireless is about experiences, not just connectivity.

Expensive, complex and inaccurate are terms associated with traditional indoor location services from legacy Wi-Fi, overlay RFID and battery-powered beacons.  Today’s connected digital users expect dynamic real-time presence information.  Mist flipped the indoor location model on its head. With patented virtual Bluetooth LE (vBLE), indoor location services are finally easy to deploy and scale, with unprecedented accuracy and agility.

Mist’s Engagement Service leverages the Virtual BLE (vBLE) array technology and cloud-based machine learning to drive down the cost of deploying and improve the accuracy of real-time indoor location services from wayfinding to location-based proximity notifications.  Whether it’s a Black Friday Sale in a certain aisle or Conference Room availability at headquarters, Mist’s Engagement Service simplifies digital engagement real-time, any time.


Add Value to the Business

  • Seamlessly support Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives
  • Implement new wireless services, like indoor navigation and proximity messages
  • Increase brand loyalty through a better onsite experience
  • Drive customer behavior with contextual offers
  • Trigger HVAC, security cameras, and other IoT devices based on user location

Maximize Productivity and Deliver Better Mobile Experience

  • Drive value with contextual and personalized offers
  • Easily direct employees to available resources, like meeting rooms
  • Share location information with colleagues, family, and friends


Real-time wayfinding

  • Help employees, guests, and customers get to where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions
  • Up to 1M accuracy
  • Sub-second latency

Real-time proximity notification and alerts

  • Greet patients, clients or customers as they arrive onsite
  • Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons
  • Deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalized mobile experience

100% Programmable Via SDK

Mist offers a mobile SDK with open APIs for full automation and/or seamless integration with complimentary products.

Use Cases


  • Provide guests with seamless, fast check-in
  • Identify loyal guests and send personalized greetings
  • Guests can easily navigate throughout the property
  • Share location with family and friends


  • Notify shoppers when items are ready for pick-up
  • Provide location-aware coupons and notifications
  • Enable customers to navigate to specific areas of the store
  • Find closest sales associate


  • Provide patients and visitors with easy check-in and help navigate to assigned rooms
  • Provide a location-aware nurse-call system
  • Deliver personalized in-room experiences
  • Integrate location and security to prevent patient elopement


  • Enable students and visitors to navigate through the campus
  • Provide analytics to understand traffic flows at on-campus facilities
  • Self-guided tours for visitors

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