The Mist Platform

The first truly innovative enterprise wired and wireless solution in over a decade.

Traditional enterprise wired and wireless solutions are over fifteen years old, leveraging monolithic code bases that are expensive to scale, prone to bugs, and difficult to manage.  They are not equipped for the scale and complexity of today’s digital users, and do not provide the reliability needed for mission-critical wired and wireless operations.

This all changes with Mist.

With a modern microservices cloud architecture, Mist delivers unprecedented scale and agility, and offers groundbreaking subscription services: Wi-Fi Assurance, Wired Assurance, WAN Assurance, AI-Driven Virtual Assistant, Premium Analytics, User Engagement, and Asset Visibility. Mist has an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. While the enterprise-grade Access Points combine Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT for amazing wireless experiences in a cost effective manner, Juniper EX Switches also deliver new mission critical experiences.

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The Mist Platform

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