The Heat is On

July is proving to be a very exciting month for Mist. We just closed an amazing Q2 and we are seeing a lot of attention being given to AI-driven Wireless LANs across the entire industry.

We are clearly in the middle of a big wireless revolution, and here are three interesting data points to show just how hot things are getting:

The AI buzz has reached Fever Pitch

Two years ago, Mist was the first and only vendor talking about AI-driven wireless LANs. In the last few months, though, everything seemed to change. The incumbents are now touting AI-based technology at a frenetic pace, much of which looks like it could’ve been pulled right off the Mist website.

Imitation is the best form of flattery, and we are excited to take on the rest of the industry.

You cannot build an AI platform overnight. It takes the right architecture, extensive data science expertise, and time to actually collect data and build a knowledge graph. We’ve been doing this, and our system has been learning for over 2 years and counting; the incumbents are just getting started. That’s a substantial head start.

Furthermore, whereas Mist was built from the ground up with an inline AI engine and world-class microservices cloud, our competitors are attempting to retrofit outdated products with new AI technology. More specifically, they are bolting one piece of hardware (an AI server) on top of another piece of hardware (an old WLAN controller). The Mist platform will always be more scalable, agile, resilient, and feature-reach, with the most comprehensive knowledge graph that delivers the best insight and analytics

Mist was also the first to market with a virtual network assistant (called Marvis), customizable service levels, dynamic packet capture, event correlation, high accuracy location, and many more AI-driven features. The best is yet to come as we continue to execute on our groundbreaking vision of being the leader in AI for IT. In the meantime, a rising tide raises all boats… So, the more that the entire industry talks about AI-driven wireless, the better.

Gartner MQ

The new Gartner Wired/Wireless MQ is out, and Mist continues to move up and to the right as a top visionary, with the most completeness of vision in the Visionary quadrant! This is a huge accomplishment for a company in only its second year of shipping.

Let’s think about this for a second – Mist is up against vendors who have been selling wired and wireless solutions for almost 2 decades, who have been bolting more features on top of antiquated, monolithic architectures. Yet, Mist continues to move up and to the right why they stay fairly constant. Why? Gartner summarizes it best by highlighting the following as Mist’s top strengths:

  • The Mist vision matches Gartner’s view of emerging customer requirements, with a strong product strategy, and has executed strong revenue growth and sales expansion to support global opportunities.
  • The Mist wired and wireless access layer solution uses an inline AI engine, called Marvis, which includes patented dynamic packet capture and unsupervised machine learning to automatically identify, adapt and fix network issues.
  • Mist has an indoor location solution that provides 1-meter to 3-meter granularity and virtualizes BLE beacons, eliminating the need for physical battery-powered beacons.

Thanks for the recognition, Gartner team, and to our numerous customers who they interviewed! We are committed to executing on our bold and innovative vision…

Customer Traction

Mist’s Q2 is now in the books, and it is clear that end users are buying into the Mist story. Over 15% of the Fortune 100 AND Fortune 500 have now trusted their wireless need to Mist, as have a wide array of smaller companies in almost every vertical industry.

Here are some interesting highlights from our customer base:

  • A Mist retail customer is now managing over 10,000 APs in live production
  • Another top retailer configured over 500 stores in 5 minutes using Mist APIs
  • A global MSP reduced the time it takes to resolve trouble tickets by 42% with Mist
  • A top SaaS company has implemented automated service levels for proactive monitoring at a global scale (across North America, Europe, and Asia including Japan)
  • A major hospital has deployed over 500 vBLE Access Points in their nineteen story facility to provide wayfinding to their staff and visitors

The wireless space is heating up, and Mist is at the forefront of it all. We are committed to executing on our bold vision, and appreciate all the support we are getting from analysts, customers, and the community as a whole along the way.

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