The Network Works Best when it Works Together

I have a long history in networking, having spent over two decades working in the space. 7 of those years were specifically at a WAN optimization company, and 5 have been in the Wireless LAN (WLAN) space. Needless to say, I am all too familiar with the nuances of deploying, managing, and troubleshooting enterprise networks. Which is why I am especially excited to announce a new partnership between Mist and VMware!

The two companies share a common goal of transforming the old, reactive world of IT Services Management (ITSM) to a new proactive IT model. In this new world, user experience is the key metric, and AI is a strategic platform for bringing unprecedented levels of insight and automation.

To deliver on this vision, I am pleased to announce that Mist has integrated its AI-driven WLAN with VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud.

Using the two products together, IT administrators gain end-to-end visibility and insight into user, application, and network performance for LAN and WAN. In addition, they can leverage AI to automate key tasks, such as even correlation and anomaly detection, for fast and easy fault isolation and remediation, trend detection, and predictive recommendations to avoid problems before they occur. Finally, open APIs across the platforms enable key data to be easily shared between systems (and with other systems) for a fully programmable platform upon which IT administrators can create custom workflows and other automated procedures.

Below are advantages of the joint Mist / VeloCloud solution:

  • Application performance assurance from WLAN to WAN to cloud
  • AI-driven operations for improved efficiency and cost savings
  • Simplicity and SaaS agility by leveraging a modern cloud with open APIs

By working together, Mist and VMware are delivering a seamless WLAN/WAN experience for network users. And best of all, this occurs using best-of-breed products – i.e. no more vendor lock in.

The IT world is changing faster than ever, borne on the wings of AI. But when leading vendors work together in an open manner, end users get all the benefits without disruption. To that end, I am excited that Mist and VMware have taken the first steps in the journey towards a unified and automated network environment.

To learn more, check out our joint solution sheet and webinar, and visit us at VMworld in August where we will demo the joint solution live.