Frequently Asked Questions

With Juniper’s intent to acquire Mist, there are exciting times ahead. We now have more resources at our disposal, which puts the company in an even better position to develop and support products that best meet your networking needs.

We wanted to assure you that it is still “business as usual”. For the foreseeable future, Mist will continue to be run as a standalone business under the Juniper umbrella, and we will keep and grow the Mist name going forward. In addition, the following items will ensure seamless operations for our customers:

  • You will continue to receive the same support and quality products and services
  • You can continue to purchase Mist products and renew your subscriptions through your existing sales representatives and channel partners
  • Our executive team is expected to remain on board to help ensure a seamless transition

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Mist representative or email

Why is Juniper acquiring Mist?
Mist has created a next-generation wireless networking solution that leverages modern cloud and AI technologies automation, insight, scale and agility. Adding Mist to its portfolio of products puts Juniper in an excellent position to go after the growing wireless network market with a “change the game” WLAN solution.

In addition, combining the Mist WLAN platform with Juniper’s wired multi-rate switching, SD-WAN and network security portfolio provides a full stack solution to meet enterprise needs, and lays the foundation for more comprehensive AI-driven IT infrastructures.

What are Juniper’s plans for Mist?
Both companies value the Mist name as a symbol of next generation networking – born in the modern cloud, with AI in the core. As a result, it is expected that Mist will continue to be run as a standalone business and brand under the Juniper umbrella for the foreseeable future.

Will there be any changes to current subscription licenses?
No – it is currently anticipated that customer license terms will remain unchanged and support, maintenance and software updates will continue as normal.

Who should I call to purchase more Mist equipment or licenses?
Please contact your existing Mist representative.

Will you continue to make new Mist products?
Absolutely. Mist is committed to continue our development of new services, features, and hardware and for leading the AI for IT industry transition.

How will you integrate with other Juniper products?
We are committed to bringing the benefits of AI across the IT stack. To that end, we plan to expand upon the integration work previously done with Juniper to include other Juniper products. Exact timing and details of this integration will be forthcoming.

Who should I call for support?
Continue to call Mist support for Mist products and services.

Will Mist’s partner program remain intact?
For the time being, the Mist partner program is intact and all partners will stay at the same tier with same benefits.

Is Mist still hiring?
Yes! Please check out our careers page.

Where can I go for more answers?
Please contact your local Mist representative or email and we’ll work with you directly to answer any additional questions.