K-12: Transforming from
Classroom to Digital Learning

Boost student learning while reducing risk

As K-12 schools strive to transform from the traditional classroom learning environment to an active and more engaging digital learning environment, a predictable and reliable network is essential for enabling this change. An AI-driven network is critical to the success of this transformation. It brings insight into user experiences and turns these insights into proactive and automated actions, while accelerating problem resolution with the Mist Marvis Virtual Network Assistant. These automated actions deliver on the Self-Driving Network™ which helps the school’s IT teams to minimize time consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic projects and support the soaring number of IT and IoT devices.

The solution can also help you to reduce risk as students and faculty return to school by providing hot zone alerting, user journey information, and proximity tracing to help minimize any further exposure. The Mist AI powered Contact Tracing leverages AI-driven analytics, self-driving Wi-Fi, and patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology to enable seamless and cost-effective deployment of mission-critical use cases at schools.

The integration of AI and cloud services for the network enable schools to deliver an unparalleled teaching and learning experience while minimizing the cost of deploying and operating the network.

E-RATE: Prepare your students and faculty for next generation of digital learning

The U.S. E-Rate program provides discounted Internet access and connectivity services to eligible schools and libraries. Connect with us so that we can help you prepare your school network for the next decade with our AI-driven campus solutions.

E-Rate Process and Eligible Services

Learn more on E-Rate application process and eligible products and services:

Congressional COVID Funding for K-12

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact, in March 2020, Congress released the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) that approved a $2 trillion stimulus package to support economy recovery, including $13.2 billion for K-12 schools.

Learn more on the Congressional COVID Funding:

Benefits of AI-driven wireless

Provide Easy and Reliable

  • Assured student experience with Wi-Fi service levels
  • Enable Wi-Fi for families Wi-Fi with captive portal, SMS, and social media login
  • Securely share personal devices like Apple TVs and Chromecasts
  • AI-driven RF optimization enables high density learning

Optimize Resources and Lower Costs

  • Eliminate complex and brittle WLAN controllers
  • Faster troubleshooting via AI-driven virtual assistant
  • APIs to ensure easy WLAN configuration with no errors
  • Eliminate truck rolls for IT to visit remote schools when troubleshooting

Deliver New Mobile Experiences

Enhance the campus experience with personalized location services:

  • Advertise campus events, sports
  • Deliver location-aware student alerts
  • Easy navigation for new students and for parents at back to school night
  • Find open study areas, security personnel