Juniper Networks and ServiceNow Advance Automated Proximity Tracing

Six weeks ago Juniper announced several strategic solutions to support contact tracing and social distancing in the AI-driven enterprise. These features assist enterprises with various workplace business continuity safety tasks like proximity tracing, journey mapping and hot zone alerting.

And as of today, we have multiple customers deploying the Juniper solutions, including one of the most prestigious universities in the world and a top European media company. This trend should continue as many companies, stores, schools and hotels throughout the world prepare to safely welcome employees, customers, students and guests back onsite.

When Juniper announced solutions in support of contact tracing and social distancing, we also gave kudos to our robust ecosystem of technology partners. They provide wearable BLE badges, real-time notification systems and applications that can leverage Juniper Mist’s proven AI-driven Wi-Fi, patented virtual Bluetooth® LE and Premium Analytics solutions to solve the above use cases in a secure and scalable manner.

Today, we are pleased to announce a significant addition to our partner ecosystem – ServiceNow. Together, Juniper and ServiceNow are making it even easier to implement these much-needed solutions for worker safety with an automated solution for proximity tracing case management.

Juniper’s Patented Mist AI Technology and ServiceNow: Proximity Alerting with Automated Case Management

– here’s how the integrated solutions work:

If a person self-reports as a potential risk, the Juniper solution helps to identify all individuals that have come in contact with that person across an enterprise domain, how long the exposures occurred and where they physically occurred within a building. Rudimentary proximity alerting can happen by correlating which clients were connected to a Juniper® Access Point using Wi-Fi; more advanced zone-based location is possible using Juniper Mist vBLE in conjunction with 3rd party BLE tags.

This information is passed to the ServiceNow® Contact Tracing app (via APIs) for the automatic handling of case management workflows for the impacted individuals. This includes actions for managers, HR and response teams, as well as notifications to employees as to when they can safely return to work. Plus, integration with 3rd party solutions is possible to further automate workflows.

The combined solution is so powerful because it leverages automation to accelerate time-to-action, which is critical when dealing with fast-spreading pandemics like COVID-19. In addition, it minimizes errors that come from manual entry and frees staff to focus on actions instead of record keeping. This all means that companies can respond faster and more efficiently to worker safety needs, which is top-of-mind for many institutions globally right now. The solution is offered in the ServiceNow Safe Workplace Suite, which ServiceNow introduced two months ago to help enterprises safely manage workplace and workforce readiness.

A Long History Together

While while working together to develop contract tracing capabilities is new, the partnership between Juniper and ServiceNow is not.

The two companies have a long-standing relationship, rooted in a joint philosophy of open programmability, automation and cloud-first IT. In fact, ServiceNow was one of the first companies to leverage the open APIs available in the Juniper Mist wireless access solution to automate the IT help desk experience for joint customers. For example, when Wi-Fi Service Level Expectations (SLEs) fall below a certain customizable threshold in the Juniper platform, automated workflows can be triggered in ServiceNow for fast and accurate case documentation and troubleshooting.

ServiceNow deployed Juniper Mist’s Wireless LAN (WLAN) platform in their own offices to bring better automation and insight to their wireless users’ experiences. The above help desk integration has enabled them to reduce user-generated wireless trouble tickets in their corporate network by +90%, saving the IT department time and money while maximizing end user happiness.

The various integration points between Juniper and ServiceNow are a great example of companies with common philosophies and open architectures working together to maximize user experiences. It is the perfect example of a “better together” partnership and a true testament to the power of the AI-driven enterprise!

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