AI for IT™

The old IT service model is dead… Introducing AI for IT™.

IT has never been more important, but has also never been more challenged.

The old, reactive way of manually operating networks just won’t cut it anymore.

AI is the answer, and Mist is the leading the charge for the AI for IT™ model.

We designed our WLAN platform from scratch with AI in mind.  By bringing much needed automation and insight to IT, Mist saves time and money while ensuring the best wireless experiences.

Artificial Intelligence brings much needed automation and insights to IT.

Proactive IT Automation

  • Configure new sites in minutes with no human errors
  • Correlate user events and dynamically capture packets for fast troubleshooting
  • Create automated workflows for rapid troubleshooting and notifications
  • Automatically self-correct and/or optimize the WLAN in real-time


  • Unprecedented visibility into the user experience
  • Set, monitor and enforce wired and wireless service levels
  • No more hunting and pecking through dashboards
  • Predict problems before they occur
  • Understand location patterns and user behavior for actionable business insight

Artificial Intelligence is in our DNA.

While other vendors are trying to bolt AI on top of legacy platforms, Mist built an AI engine right into the platform. This eliminates the need for overlay sensors, data collector hardware, and extra software.

But you cannot build an AI engine overnight. This has been a multi-year journey for Mist, where we painstakingly brought together the following key components.


Mist collects over 150 pre – and post – connection states in near real-time from every wireless device. This created a robust data set that characterizes network, client and application behavior.

Domain Expertise

Mist applies wired and wireless expertise to the data using domain specific classifiers. These are used to set, monitor, and enforce service levels that measure the Wi-Fi experience.

Data Science Toolbox

Mist uses various data science techniques to analyze data and provide actionable insight, such as root cause identification, trending analysis, and location.

Virtual Assistant

Marvis, the virtual network assistant, uses natural language to help you troubleshoot and extract insights from the network while applying data science and AI to analyze and correlate data.

Whiteboard Technical Video Series

Marvis is the engine behind our AI.  Marvis uses machine learning, neural networks, NLP, and other technologies to simplify IT operations and enhance the mobile user experience.  Here you will find a deep dive into some of the data science inside Marvis.

The AI for IT™ engine was not created in a vacuum.

Mist has partnered with leaders in the industry to bring automation and insight across the full IT stack.

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