NFD Exclusive at Juniper NXTWORK 2019

We hosted a Networking Field Day at NXTWORK 2019 on Monday November 11th. Watch the videos below to hear from the Mist team on our AI-Driven Wired and Wireless Convergence.

AI Journey: Extending from Wireless to Wired

Watch this session to learn how Mist and Juniper are extending their data science and AI tools to the wired network with the Juniper EX access and aggregation switches. Mist announced their new Wired Assurance Service and Marvis Actions, a framework enabling evolution towards the self-driving network, at this Network Field Day at Juniper NXTWORK. They share and demo how customers can get better insights and experiences from their wired and wireless network

Presented by Sudheer Matta, VP Products and Bob Friday, CTO

Transforming Education Experiences with Automation & AI

Felix shares how Dartmouth College, the birthplace of Artificial Intelligence, is now transforming their campus experience with Juniper and Mist solutions. He walks through their wired network design journey and how they have a goal of automating network configuration and operations to simplify ongoing IT Ops and boost experience for faculty, staff and students. Felix also shares a few examples of how they are leveraging Mist’s AI engine, Marvis, to simplify troubleshooting and drive down the number of open support tickets on campus.

Presented by Felix Windt, Associate Director, Network Services, Dartmouth College

AI Deep Dive and Use Cases

You heard about the data science and AI vision from Bob in his earlier session. Now Jisheng Wang will dive into a few real-world examples of how these machine learning, AI and data science tools are actually used to identify the root cause of several top issues encountered by customers and ultimately translated into actions to resolve these issues. Jisheng shares how it is critical to start with real-world problems rather than the ML models themselves in order to build an effective AI solution.

Presented by Jisheng Wang, Head of Data Science

Automating the Network

Watch this video to see the power of Mist’s microservices cloud API framework both for deploying and ongoing network operations. Abhi will share how easy it is to deploy and configure Mist APs in a network and one of their customers, Dartmouth College will echo their experiences with the deployment automation. Ryan then shares a live demo of an API integration with a Mist partner, Ekahau, on how these products can be easily integrated through open APIs to simplify RF planning and deployment. Finally they share a few key resources for how you can get started learning how to program and integrate with the Mist solution..

Presented by Abhi Shamsundar, Product Management, and Ryan Adzima, Corporate Systems Engineer