Mobility Field Day 2018

We are proud to have kicked off Mobility Field Day 3 (MFD 3), an event bringing together the wireless industry’s thought leaders to discuss pressing issues and the latest technology advancements.

Bob Friday, Mist CTO and Co-Founder, and Sudheer Matta, Mist VP Products presented two action packed hours showcasing Mist’s success as the first and only true AI-Driven WLAN.

This year we announced:

  • Enormous company momentum: deployed on 5 continents, with 20% of both the Fortune 100 and Fortune 10 using Mist
  • Marvis Virtual Assistant with enhanced NLP
  • Anomaly detection with deep learning
  • Additional WAN Service Level Expectation (SLE)
  • Self-Driving Network: AI-Driven RRM
  • AI for IT

See it all for yourself via the recorded sessions below.

Company Momentum

Software Architecture

New Marvis VNA Features

AI-driven RRM

AI for IT

MFD 3 Webinar Follow-up