Mobility Field Day 2020

The Network of the Next Decade is AI-Driven! With the soaring number of IoT devices connected to the Enterprise network and the explosive growth in employees working from home, more and more of the world’s Enterprises are transitioning to a predictable, reliable, and simplified AI-driven cloud network with microservices, enabling unprecedented user experiences.

Mobility Field Day brings together the world’s best delegates from the wired and wireless space to discuss industry innovations and technology advancements with key companies. Juniper Mist presented to Mobility Field Day 5’s invitation-only delegates on July 29th, 2020 to showcase Mist momentum and its innovative AI-driven products and solutions.

View recorded videos of the session below.

Juniper Mist Momentum

The combination of Mist Systems and Juniper Networks is having a huge impact on the world of wireless and wired networking. Learn how the technologies of Mist are being implemented with the reach of Juniper and see some exciting hints about what’s to come in the near future.

Jeff Aaron, VP of Enterprise Marketing

Juniper Mist Marvis Evolution –
The Journey to an AI-Driven Enterprise​

In this video, see how Mist’s Marvis AI platform has grown from a wireless-focused technology to now encompass all aspects of the enterprise network and learn how Juniper and Mist intend to take the capabilities of Marvis even further.

Bob Friday, CTO and Founder

Sudheer Matta, VP of Products

Jisheng Wang, Head of Data Science

Juniper Mist AI-Driven Support

Part of the reason for the development of Marvis was the need to answer questions in the wireless and wired network. Watch as Bob Friday details how Marvis can help answer questions for your support organization and enhance troubleshooting for your teams.

Bob Friday, CTO and Founder

Juniper Mist AI-Driven WAN – WAN Assurance

WAN Networking is a complicated construct of circuits and edge devices. Can AI help us sort out the noise and make the WAN simple and more efficient for users? Learn how Juniper Mist is changing the game for the WAN.

Sudheer Matta, VP of Products

Juniper Mist Accelerating Wi-Fi 6 & Mist Edge

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest standard for connectivity in the enterprise. Get a look at the newest access points from Juniper Mist that use the standard and provide more connectivity options for wireless users.

Wes Purvis, Product Manager

Juniper Mist Contact Tracing with vBLE and Analytics

In the current state of the world, knowing how to accurately identify users and devices is critical to the health of the population. Learn how Juniper Mist is using Bluetooth and analytics to build data for contract tracing efforts.

Sunalini Sankhavaram,
Senior Director of Product Management

Juniper Mist AI Driven LAN – Wired Assurance

The power of Juniper Mist and AI isn’t just limited to helping your wireless network. Learn how Juniper Mist can help apply AI to your wired switching infrastructure as well.

Sudheer Matta, VP of Products

Juniper Mist AI-Driven Automation Across Wired + Wi-Fi

AI gives you the ability to direct action as well as answering questions. In this demo, see how the Juniper Mist platform allows you to automate a number of complex tasks across the wired and wireless infrastructure.

Jake Snyder, Automation Engineer

Ryan Adzima, Automation Engineer