Building an Effective
Digital Workplace

Modern Offices Require AI-Driven Wireless

AI-driven wireless is critical to the success of digital workplaces.  It not only allows a workforce to communicate, interact and transact seamlessly, but it provides the automation and insight required to scale your network efficiently with the soaring numbers of mobile and IoT devices.

Don’t let outdated wireless technology jeopardize your strategic Digital Transformation projects.  It’s time to upgrade to Mist.

Benefits of AI-Driven Wireless

Wi-Fi is Predictable, Reliable, and Measureable

  • Set, monitor, and enforce customizable Wi-Fi service levels
  • Easy guest access with captive portal, SMS, and social media login
  • Designed for high density environments with fast roaming
  • Ensure a consistent experience across all devices and clients (e.g. VoIP and video)

Integrated Location Services

  • Wayfinding with turn-by-turn navigation
  • Share location with colleagues
  • Find people and assets (e.g. printers) in real-time
  • Understand traffic patterns for effective resource planning (e.g. conference rooms)
  • No battery beacons required
  • Enable integration of digital workplace technologies with a platform built from the ground up to enable open APIs


  • Eliminate expensive WLAN controllers
  • Automated event correlation pinpoints problems across wireless/wired/device domains
  • Faster troubleshooting with AI-driven virtual assistant
  • Predict problems before they arise, such as capacity issues during company meetings

Key Components

Customizable Wi-Fi Service Levels

Set, monitor, and enforce Service Level Expectations (SLE) for key Wi-Fi performance metrics like throughput, capacity, roaming, uptime, and WAN.  Provide predictive recommendations to avoid or fix problems.

Guest Wi-Fi

Mist provides the industry’s most scalable guest access solution with flexible options including: multiple language support, customizable branding, social login, external captive portal integration, AAA/RADIUS integration.

Integrated Help Desk

Marvis uses machine learning to perform unique troubleshooting and helpdesk functions like anomaly detection, event correlation, and confidence ratings. By leveraging APIs, this can trigger automated workflows so you can  rapidly solve (or avoid) wired, wireless and device problems.

Real-time wayfinding

  • Help employees and guests get to where they need to be with turn-by-turn directions
  • Up to 1M accuracy
  • Sub-second latency

Real-time proximity notification and alerts

  • Greet employees and guests as they arrive onsite
  • Create push notifications anywhere with unlimited virtual beacons
  • Deliver contextually relevant messages anywhere for a personalized mobile experience

Detailed Analytics

Monitor visits and dwell times, with detailed drill down into zone traffic patterns and congestion points.

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100% Programmable via Open APIs

The Mist platform is 100% programmable using open APIs for full automation and/or seamless integration with complementary products.  Configure 100’s of remote sites in minutes with no errors!