Design Your Wi-Fi

with Juniper and Leading RF Planning Tools

Drag & Drop Your Wi-Fi Designs into Juniper

It’s critical to carefully plan your Wi-Fi network to achieve the best possible performance.

Juniper provides hands-down leading integration capabilities with Ekahau and IBWave: a single project file drag & drop in Juniper Mist populates everything: the maps, the scale, the AP locations. It even fully sets up the Juniper BLE location tracking system!

With Juniper, the Ekahau and IBWave integration requires zero boxes to install and zero additional licenses. All works on the Cloud with the base license.

Put it short: you’ll save tons of time in Wi-Fi deployment when you choose Juniper with industry leading tools.

Juniper Wi-Fi + Ekahau / IBWave Workflow

Design a Juniper Wi-Fi network with Ekahau / IBWave

  • All Juniper Access Points are modeled in Ekahau and IBWave
  • All directional antennas are supported
  • The BLE array directionality is easy to set up in Ekahau

Drag and drop the Ekahau / IBWave project file in the Juniper web UI

  • For Ekahau, it uses the .esx project file
  • For IB Wave, it uses the “Export to Mist” feature and the .mist file

Juniper Wi-Fi automatically imports the necessary information

  • Floor plans
  • Scale
  • Access Point locations
  • Access Point height
  • Virtual BLE array direction
  • If you have put the AP MAC addresses in Ekahau (in the AP name field), the Juniper Mist system will automatically match the “real-world” APs in the system with simulated Ekahau APs.

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