Contact Tracing

Leveraging the AI-Driven Enterprise to Support Contact Tracing

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We built our AI-driven network with one thing in mind.

Unparalleled user experiences

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Transform your business with a modern microservices cloud architecture and inline engine that provides unprecedented scale, agility, insight, and automation. And get groundbreaking subscription services for the perfect blend of connectivity, troubleshooting, analytics, and engagement.

Wi-Fi Assurance

Make Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable with unique visibility into user service levels.

Wired Assurance

Deliver reliable wired experiences with service levels enabled by rich Junos switch telemetry.

Premium Analytics

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with End-to-End Visibility and Business Insights.

Marvis Virtual Assistant

Simplify everyday IT tasks with the first and only AI-Driven Virtual Network Assistant.

User Engagement

Leverage Virtual Bluetooth LE technology and cloud-based machine learning for real-time indoor location services.

Asset Visibility

Find key assets and people, and detailed location analytics with Mist’s patented Virtual Bluetooth LE technology.

They Were Loyal to Cisco, Aruba and Others. Then They Saw Mist.

“Mist has the richest data I’ve ever seen on a network platform.”
Jackson Electric Cooperative, Inc.
“It wasn’t even a Wi-Fi problem, but Mist told us what the problem was.” — Petri, Sikanen, CTO, SoftAvenue
“We committed early to Mist, and we’ve never looked back. We have raw respect for the trailblazing work that Mist did, and we wanted to be aligned with that innovation.”
Ashland School District
“The machine learning capabilities of Mist makes it very easy to set up and use.”
Transports Vervaeke
“The wireless experience with Mist is night-and-day different.”
Coppell Independent School District
“Wireless needs to be like the lights, always on and always perfect. That’s how our Mist Wi-Fi is.”
Wadsworth City Schools
“Mist is intuitive and easy to use. It’s a great Wi-Fi solution.”
South Central Connect
With the Mist solution and its AI foundation, we are seeing higher performance and troubleshooting of user issues is simplified and faster. The intuitive design and rich visibility of the management interface make it easier for our team to configure the system and to get insight into the user experience.
Wonderful Pistachios
Our students are very demanding when it comes to Wi-Fi, which is why we turned to Mist
Dartmouth College
Mist lets us deploy Wi-Fi and location easily with tight control over patient privacy
Orlando Veterans Administration
Mist is improving the customer experience at the resort and laying the foundation for new event services using location.
Walt Disney Swan & Dolphin Resort
Mist assures reliable Wi-Fi in distribution centers and warehouses with automated API-driven operations, enabling products to be delivered with speed and efficiency to customers.
A Top Online Retailer
Mist maximizes the shopping experience with robust Wi-Fi and a scalable solution for customer engagement.
Premier Shopping Center
AI-driven Wi-Fi with customizable service levels delivers a better mobile experience on buses, enabling employees to remain productive during long commute hours.
A Top Online Media Company
With limited IT and support staff, the ease of operations and automation of the Mist system has been critical to assuring a robust learning environment.
Guilford College
With Mist, we have cut the time to troubleshoot issues from hours or days down to minutes which has resulted in a better user experience and improved learning outcomes.
North Canton City Schools
Saving over 40% in OpEx costs by delivering a managed WLAN service with Mist's AI-driven platform.
Deployed over 10,000 APs in over 1,500 stores for reliable guest Wi-Fi and better customer engagement.
A Top 2 Pet Retailer
Leveraging Mist to simplify network operations and optimize real estate with location analytics.
Fortune 1000 Leader in Enterprise Automation
The Mist platform delivers advanced insights and location services never seen before in Australian shopping centers.
Shopper Media Group
Increase Revenue and Customer Engagement with AI-driven Wireless.
Mist and the Gap – NRF 2018
"I am extremely excited to get all employees on the Mist WLAN and benefitting from the next generation wireless that Mist uniquely delivers."
Mist enables better Wi-Fi on campus and more engaging experiences with customers in retail stores.
A Top 3 Wireless Carrier
Global telco deploys first SD WLAN managed service, lowering OPEX and providing more value to customers.
Verizon Enterprise Solutions