Wireless Access Points

Mist is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT with our enterprise-grade Access Points.


Best Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE performance

In addition to delivering the best Wi-Fi range and performance which is automatically optimized through reinforcement learning algorithms, Mist Access Points have a dynamic vBLE 16 element antenna array for the industry’s most accurate and scalable location services.

Data collection, analysis and enforcement

Mist Access Points are purpose-built to collect metadata for over 150 states that allows the cloud-based AI engine to perform analytics, machine learning, location service and event correlation. APs incorporate a 3rd radio for always-on security monitoring, troubleshooting and synthetic client tests.

Converged platform for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE, and IoT

Access Points feature integrated Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and an interface port to integrate and control analog/digital devices. This enables Mist to bridge the physical, location and connectivity realms, unlocking value from your network and eliminating the need for complex and costly overlay solutions.

Compare Access Points

AP43 AP61 AP41 AP21 BT11
Deployment Indoor Outdoor Indoor Indoor Indoor
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11ax
(Wi-Fi 6)
Wave 2
Wave 2
Wave 2
Wi-Fi Tri-Radio
Antenna Options Internal/External Internal/External Internal/External Internal Internal
Virtual Bluetooth® LE
IoT Interface
IoT Sensors Humidity, Pressure, Temperature
Warranty Limited Lifetime 1 Year Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime Limited Lifetime

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