Amazing Wireless Services Available on the Mist Learning WLAN

Virtual Network Assistant

Wi-Fi Assurance

Bluetooth® LE Engagement

Bluetooth® LE Asset Visibility

Mist Virtual Network Assistant

AI-Driven Assistant for Simplified Wireless Operations & Integrated Helpdesk

VNA brings NLP to network operations so IT staff can easily understand their network and client environments without having to manually sift through a myriad of data in numerous locations.



Mist VNA uses machine learning to perform unique troubleshooting and helpdesk functions like anomaly detection, event correlation, and confidence ratings. With VNA, you can rapidly solve (or avoid) wired, wireless and device problems.



Benefits of the Virtual Network Assistant Service

Minimize OPEX

  • Troubleshooting is faster and more efficient
  • Focus IT investments on core business functions, not tactical troubleshooting

Maximize User Satisfaction

  • Automated actions prevent problems before user knows
  • Better visibility into user experience
  • Fast problem resolution

Mist Wi-Fi Assurance Service

Business Critical Wi-Fi: Fast, Reliable, and Proactive

Mist uses machine learning to automate Wi-Fi operations. The result: Wi-Fi that is predictable, reliable, and cost effective. Key technical features of the Mist solution include:

Proactive Insight Through Machine Learning

Easily monitor user Service Level Expectations (SLE) in real-time and provide predictive recommendations to avoid or fix problems.


Root Cause Identification in One Click

Proactively identify and fix the root causes of problems using Mist’s Proactive Analytics and Correlation Engine (PACE).


Real-time User State Information

Dynamically capture packets the moment an event occurs; Rewind to see any user’s state at any point in time.


100% Programmable via Open APIs

Mist offers a mobile SDK with open APIs for full automation and/or seamless integration with complimentary products.


Simple Resource Assignment

Say goodbye to the hassles of VLANs and ACLs. With WxLAN, Mist lets you assign network resources (e.g. servers and printers) to Wi-Fi users with the click of a mouse or via pre-assigned policies.


Benefits of Mist Wi-Fi Assurance

Predictable & Reliable Wi-Fi

Set, monitor and enforce service levels for every user.

Proactive Operations

Automatically identify and fix wired, wireless & device problems using machine learning.

Minimize Wi-Fi Costs

Focus on things that matter; Eliminate onsite visits with dynamic packet capture.

Enterprise-Grade Bluetooth® LE Services:
Accurate, Scalable, and Real-time

With Mist, Location is Everything

The world is ready for indoor location services.
With Mist’s following unique Bluetooth® LE features, you are too:

Machine Learning Eliminates Site Surveys

Mist continuously collects data in real-time from all mobile devices to ensure accurate location estimates without the need for Bluetooth® LE site surveys.


16 vBLE Antennas

Dynamic vBLE 16 antenna array in Mist APs cover an entire room with Bluetooth® LE signals, ensuring maximum scalability with minimal investment cost.


Detailed Analytics

Monitor visits and dwell times, with detailed drill down into zone traffic patterns and congestion points.


Virtual Beacons Replace Physical Hardware

Patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology lets you deploy and move virtual beacons with the simple click of a mouse (or via APIs), eliminating the need for physical beacons.


100% Programmable Via Open APIs

Mist offers a mobile SDK with open APIs for full automation and/or seamless integration with complimentary products.


Mist Bluetooth® LE Engagement Service

Deliver indoor location-based services to your mobile devices, such as turn-by-turn directions and contextually relevant messages.

Mist Asset Visibility Service

Get full visibility into people and things using standards-based Bluetooth® LE services.

  • Easily locate key resources, like nurses, security guards, and sales associates
  • Track IV pumps, forklifts, and high value assets with Bluetooth® LE tags