Wolt Disrupts Dining in Europe; Mist Wi-Fi Powers Innovation

Sitting at home hungry? In 22 countries around Europe and Asia, you can pop open the Wolt app and get exactly what you’re in the mood for—pizza, sushi, or a perfectly done steak. It’s a magical experience when a courier in a blue shirt arrives at your door in less than 30 minutes. To make it all possible, food delivery platform Wolt deployed the Mist Platform to ensure great Wi-Fi for its new headquarters in Helsinki.

Wolt is setting off a dining revolution across Europe and Asia. More than 20,000 couriers deliver food to homes and offices from 10,000 restaurants. Wolt is active in 80 cities throughout 22 countries, primarily in central and Eastern Europe.

Cancelling Unpredictable Wi-Fi

The office Wi-Fi was causing heartburn for Tuomas Arvo, the IT lead for Wolt.

People were frustrated by the poor wireless connectivity at the Helsinki headquarters. Development and engineering teams were particularly vocal. “When they are having problems with connectivity, they will let you know,” Arvo says.

Arvo tried everything. “We tried changing settings, moving the APs, moving whiteboards, and making other physical changes in the office,” he says. “The problems continued for months.”
Connection problems and frustration amongst employees persisted, and the company lacked the insight from its prior Wi-Fi solution to understand the root cause of the issues.

“We decided to try something new: Mist,” says Petri, Sikanen, CTO of SoftAvenue, an IT consulting firm in Helsinki.

“It wasn’t even a Wi-Fi problem, but Mist told us what the problem was.”

— Petri, Sikanen, CTO, SoftAvenue

Wolt and SoftAvenue conducted a real-world 90-day test of two Wi-Fi vendors, including Mist, a Juniper company. “The Mist WLAN Platform proved to be very good during the proof-of-concept test,” Arvo says.

There were no problems with the network until day 91. The Wolt team
looked to the Mist dashboard, which helped them determine the root
cause of the issue in less than a minute. A Linux kernel upgrade resulted
in an incompatibility issue with the computer’s Wi-Fi adapter. A driver
update for the computer was needed.

“It wasn’t even a Wi-Fi problem, but Mist told us what the problem
was,” Arvo says.

Mist Wi-Fi Gets Five Star Rating

Mist Wi-Fi runs everywhere at Wolt’s new headquarters.
The Mist Platform is built on a modern microservices cloud architecture, which brings scalability and a focus on network operational simplicity, API-based programmability, and end user engagement through location-based services. The result is predictable, reliable, and measurable wireless with visibility into the user experience.

The IT team can set, monitor, and enforce service-level expectations. They can get detailed insights and recommended actions to quickly resolve issues. Marvis, the AI engine built into the Mist Platform, provides client-level insight, rapid troubleshooting, anomaly detection, and proactive problem remediation.
One of Arvo’s favorite Mist features is the integrated location Live View with its floor plans showing where APs are deployed and the devices in the office. The wireless network was deployed just as the company was finishing a total office renovation. Tradespeople were coming in and out to put the final touches on the space.

“One day, I saw red on the app, clicked on the AP, and saw where it was located on the floorplan, because we had already uploaded pictures,” Arvo says. “I knew exactly where to go in the office, and I saw someone had disconnected the cable. I didn’t have to spend any time figuring out what was going on. Mist guided me to where I needed to go, and the problem was solved.”

Wi-Fi Without the Wait

“We deployed Mist amazingly fast,” Sikanen says.

Installation was fast, but delicate. Helsinki has an unusual cooling system that is perfect for Nordic summer days. The city pumps ice cold water from an underground lake into buildings, which have cooling panels in the ceilings. The cold panels keep workers comfortable. This design makes drilling mounts to hang APs risky, and hanging APs behind waterpipes results in an unpredictable Wi-Fi signal.

SoftAvenue created a specialized mount to hang the Mist APs in between the ceiling lights. The APs were hung in 15 minutes. “Otherwise it would have taken two hours to install,” Arvo says.

With €258 million in funding, Wolt will continue to expand and innovate its food delivery services. And the team can count on having Wi-Fi that was designed for today’s mobile, cloudbased world.