Networking Field Day 2020

Welcome to the AI-Driven Enterprise, defined by remarkable user experiences and AI-driven support and operations. As the number of devices, applications and users multiplies exponentially, businesses are looking for more predictable, reliable, and simplified network solutions.

Networking Field Day brings together technologists and practitioners as delegates to discuss industry innovations and advancements. Watch to see how Juniper Networks is delivering the Network of the Next Decade with Mist AI at Networking Field Day 23.

View recorded videos of the session below.

Juniper Networks and Mist Momentum

Join Juniper-Mist for an exciting kickoff dedicated to the AI-Driven Enterprise. See why 4 of the Fortune 10 have chosen the Juniper-Mist solution for their LAN, WLAN and WAN.

Christian Gilby, Sr. Director of Product Marketing

Juniper Networks Wired and Wireless Integration

The origin story of Mist AI and the service level framework started with the wireless network and expanded to the wired switching infrastructure. See how Juniper has integrated wired and wireless networking to deliver the industry’s best access layer solution through a single pane of glass with Mist AI.

Joel Crane, Channel Sales Engineer

Stephen Cooper, Senior Systems Engineer

Sujit Ghosh, Principal Technical Marketing Engineer

Juniper Networks End-to-End Automation with ServiceNow

See how the APIs provided by Juniper and Mist enable 3rd party integration for end-to-end automation. In this demo, we’ll showcase how our APIs enable ServiceNow for provisioning the wired, wireless, and SD-WAN environments.

Calvin Remsburg, Senior Systems Engineer

Juniper Networks AI-Driven WAN

Our latest enhancement, WAN Assurance driven by Mist AI, brings unparalleled user experiences from client to cloud. Just because a WAN link is passing traffic, can you confidently determine if users are having a good application experience? WAN Assurance reimagines what’s possible for the WAN.

Abhi Shamsundar, Product Manager

Juniper Networks Contact Tracing with vBLE and Analytics

More than ever in today’s environment, technology plays a critical part in keeping us safe. By leveraging analytics, Wi-Fi and vBLE technology, learn how our contact tracing solution helps you return with confidence.

Sunalini Sankhavaram, Senior Director of Product Management