Free AI-Driven Gear Program

Details, Terms & Conditions

So, you want a free Juniper Mist Wi-Fi access point (AP), EX series switch, or SD-WAN edge device with a free 90 day cloud subscription? Well, today is your lucky day because we want the world to experience the power of the AI-Driven Enterprise. Unfortunately, we can’t give free gear to everyone, so please read below to see if you qualify.

  • You must attend an event where a free Juniper AP, SRX, or EX is being sponsored by Juniper Marketing (note, some events may offer only an AP, only an EX, only an SRX, or any combination of the three; please read event details). Free EX switching offer and SD-WAN edge device offer (SRX) are only valid in the United States.
  • Register for the event with a valid company and business email address.
  • Be an IT professional, working full time in a role responsible for the company’s network infrastructure.
  • Be a potential customer who is engaging with Juniper Networks for the first time. Independent consultants, resellers, MSPs, distributors, competitors, media (including bloggers), and current customers are not eligible for a free AP under this program.
  • After attending a qualified event, you must schedule a follow up meeting with Juniper to discuss Juniper wired, wireless, or SD-WAN solutions as it may relate to your business.
  • Have a wired, wireless, or SD-WAN networking project of minimum required size within 12 months for which Juniper Networks is a viable solution.
  • Be located in a country in which Juniper Networks is authorized to sell products and which has a Juniper sales representative.
  • Provide your local business address for shipment.
  • Not be too greedy. Limit 1 AP, 1 SRX and/or 1 EX per company.

In the event you are an employee of a K-12 public school, government agency, or other organization with policies which prohibit you from accepting items or services at the value of the Juniper AP, EX switch, SRX and 90 day cloud service subscription, you will be referred to the product evaluation program.

As the recipient, you are responsible for any taxes, duty, and customs requirements which may apply.

All free gear must be approved by Juniper management.

If qualified, your free AP EX switch and/or SRX will arrive with a complimentary 90 day cloud subscription. Your free gear may be new or used. Products may not be resold or supplied to others. Please contact us if you wish to transfer your Juniper AP, switch or SD-WAN edge device!

Please note: Juniper Network’s promotional terms and conditions apply.

This promotion is for a limited time and Juniper Networks may modify, suspend, or terminate this promotion at any time.