Virtual Chassis Setup with Mist

Please note that currently Virtual Chassis is only compatible with EX2300 model switches

Form a Virtual Chassis

  • Onboard (claim / adopt) multiple Ex / QFX switches into MIST (say Mist-ex2300-1, Mist-ex2300-2, Mist-ex2300-3 & Mist-ex2300-4)

  • Navigate to switches tab and ensure all four switches are seen

  • Ensure the Switches are connected to the cloud & configuration by Mist is enabled

  • Select Mist-ex2300-1 and Mist-ex2300-2 and click on More > Form virtual chassis

    • Form virtual chassis option will be seen only if all devices are having same version


  • Add ‘Port IDs’ (VC ports) for all switches, first switch will be selected as primary by default which can be modified. Backup is optional and can be set by user. If backup is not set, it will be configured as linecard role.


  • Click on “Form Virtual Chassis“ and wait for 3-5 minutes till VC formation happens. it returns a banner message indicating to connect specified VC ports.


  • when VC formation is in progress, switch status will be displayed as “VC forming“


  • After VC formation is successful, switch list page displays only one entry with primary switch name. MIST APs column will display comma separated APs (one for each of VC member)


  • Once VC formation is successful, switch details page displays front panel with all members of VC.


  • In the switch details page under utilities, we can select Edit virtual chassis to add other members to the Virtuall Chassis


Add a Member to Virtual Chassis

  • A new switch can be added to an existing virtual chassis if new switch is of same version as virtual chassis.

  • Select existing virtual chassis > More > Edit virtual chassis


  • In ‘Edit Virtual Chassis’ window, there is an option ‘add switch’ where new member details can be specified.


  • if planned VCP is between primary and new member, Port IDs should be added under primary and new member. else, if planned VCP is between backup and new member, Port IDs should be added under backup and new member.


  • Connect VC ports as specified in Edit Virtual Chassis window and wait for 3 to 5 minutes of time for virtual chassis to converge.


  • All 3 members are part of virtual chassis now.


Delete an Existing Member from Virtual Chassis

Edit virtual chassis window will not have ‘Trash’ / Delete button when VCP links are connected and up.

  • To delete an existing member from VC, VCP link should be removed physically (this will move desired member to not-present state).

  • After removing VCP link, ‘Edit virtual chassis’ window shows a broken link and ‘Trash’ button would be visible which can be used to delete this member from virtual chassis.


  • Delete switch and click on update.


  • Now, virtual chassis is again left with two members after deleting newly added member.

Form Virtual Chassis / Edit Virtual Chassis Option is also available from the Switch Details page


  • Add a new member to existing virtual chassis (from switch details page)

  • After 5-10 minutes of time, new member will be added and VC Front Panel will be updated with 3 members: