September 28th 2017 Updates

We at Mist are constantly working on making the Mist experience the best possible experience. So every week you will see new and updated cloud features. Here are the updates for September 28th, 2017.

Network Programmability:

AirWatch support (needs beta access and custom firmware from Mist)

BYOD made easy – Mist as an open API platform has integrated with the Airwatch mobility management solutions for enabling secure access to your network for authorized devices.  Customers using this service can now enable the feature when setting up a WLAN.  With this feature, our APs will only allow traffic to pass for those clients already identified on your configured Airwatch console.  To enable AirWatch integration, please provide the console URL, API key, and login credentials.

Navigate to Network -> WLANs to set up a WLAN and enable AirWatch in this box:


Simplified Operations:

Date Range calendar selection for reports

An important feature provided for our users is creating reports. Mist provides a lot of customizable features to design reports based on what really matters to you.  This week we are adding additional functions to reporting by allowing custom date ranges.  Select your desired Start and Stop dates in the calendar to generate a report for that specific range.

Note: You can go back more than 30 days ( beta feature) for Location Analytics. Network Analytics are currently available only for the last 7 days for reporting purposes.


LLDP info in AP list view

We have included additional options to display in the AP screen.  Now you can sort your APs by LLDP properties, such as Name, Port, Allocated Power, and more.

Be sure to mark these check boxes under settings if you want them to be displayed in the Access Points view.


Locate APs in Live View

Mist is providing a more convenient way to quickly find misplaced APs on your sites.  Now, use our Locate feature directly in location live view instead of digging down into each individual AP Details page.  From Location Live view, select the Locate APs option under the APs tab.  This enables locating mode, which allows all APs to be selected and located without leaving this window.  Simply click on the desired AP icons from the map, and the LEDs on the physical AP will start blinking green and purple.  Using this function, quickly verify the location of all APs on your site.  Once finished, click on Stop Locating to return to the normal Live View functionality.


Site List now sorted alphabetically

Mist is making selecting sites from a dropdown menu is more convenient especially for organizations containing a large number of sites.  Now, your sites will be displayed in alphabetical order to help with locating your desired location.


If you would like access to beta features or custom firmware, please contact and we can help grant you access.