September 19th 2019 Updates

Marvis – Virtual Network Assistant

BT11 in Search Queries

This week we are expanding the Marvis search functionality to support specific queries involving the BT11 beacon point models. Users can now see BT11s show up in the results for certain search queries as well as search directly for BT11 attributes. Some example Marvis searches are:

Rank AP events by AP Event Count with Access Point ___

Rank VLANs by Client Count with Access Point

IP Address of Access Point

Search BT11

Power of BT11

List AP Events with Access Point ___

List Client Events with Access Point ___

Locate BT11

Prioritize Displaying AP Uptime

AP uptime is one of the most important SLEs we provide for admins to determine the health of the sites they are monitoring. Because of this, we now bubble up the AP Uptime SLE when displaying any Marvis search result. Anytime AP Uptime is below 100% we will display it as the first result as an immediate call to attention from the network admins.


Simplified Operations

Search in Site List

It can be difficult to manage an organization with a large number of sites especially when trying to make configuration changes to certain ones. This week we added a search function in the sites list page to help make your life easier when searching for any particular site. Use this search function for various fields and keywords available on the page such as name, address, and RF template. Navigate to Organization > Site Configuration to see your list of sites.