September 18th 2017 Updates

We at Mist are constantly working on making the Mist experience the best possible experience. So every week you will see new and updated cloud features. Here are the updates for September 18th, 2017.

Customer Engagement: Coexistence of vBLE with iBeacon & Eddystone URL transmit protocols

Earlier in the year we released the capability of enabling iBeacon concurrently with the Mist patented vBLE arrays, with the ibeacon transmit happening every second. This week, we are pleased to announce the ability to enable Eddystone URL simultaneously as well.  Now, you can engage with customers that have a loyalty app with the Mist SDK integrated, along with Apple Wallet with Vouchers programmed to ibeacon as well as even receive notifications via Chrome browser leveraging Eddystone URL.

The frequency of transmits for  ibeacon or Eddystone URL when operating in conjunction with the vBLE arrays is 1 per second for either protocol. If all three transmit formats are being configured, then the ibeacon and eddystone URL transmits could be configured to be alternating every second.

To configure, please go to the Access Point screen and enable the options.

Note: If a higher frequency is required, for ibeacon and Eddystone, then you can disable vBLE, and leverage only the ibeacon and/or Eddystone transmit formats at 100ms intervals. Asset visibility would also be need to be disabled if this higher frequency is required. This restriction of disabling Asset visibility when using the AP as a super-beacon will be removed in a future release later this year.

Operational Simplicity: AP/Client Scalability

Mist is providing a cleaner interface for managing sites with a high number of APs and clients (>100).   Now, when viewing APs and clients, your list will be broken up into pages of 100 for better organization and ease of use.  To select all devices on all pages, click the checkbox at the very top, and an additional option will appear allowing you to select all.  Auto-refresh will be disabled while everything is selected