October 24th 2019 Updates

Marvis – Virtual Network Assistant

Unhappy users at WLAN

Now you can let Marvis give you answers for a simple question like” Unhappy users” to get a holistic view of all clients on your site who are having Successful Connect issues. Use this to quickly get an overview on the client satisfaction across your network during any given time frame. You can even make this more specific asking Marvis to tell you unhappy users on a particular WLAN . By searching for unhappy users across a single WLAN on a site you have the ability to pinpoint specific areas where user satisfaction is not met. For example, search for unhappy users on your guest WLAN to see if visitors are experiencing bad connectivity issues.

Here is an example of the unhappy users query with the WLAN specified:

“Unhappy users at site Office and WLAN Rivendell”