October 20th 2022 Updates

Simplified Operations

More Information in Audits Webhook Payload

We now include the before and after details in the payload sent in the audits webhook topic. This matches what is already being returned in the Audit Logs API, and gives administrators the ability to see what values changed before and after a configuration change.

Here, we see that this AP was added to the floorplan and now contains Map ID, orientation, and XY coordinates information.


To configure a webhook for the audits topic, navigate to Organization > Settings page, enable the Webhooks configuration, and select the Audits Streaming API –


Network Analytics Switches List Improvement

The Network Analytics “Switches” list is now updated to show the same information as the Marvis search LIST Switches query. This is useful for those without a Marvis subscription and can be found on the Analytics > Network Analytics page under the Entities list –


Wired Assurance

Support for Additional Switch Models under Campus Fabric

EX9200 series (EX9204, EX9208 and EX9214) can now be used as collapsed-core devices to configure a EVPN Multihoming topology with an ESI-LAG towards the access devices.