October 10th 2017 Updates

We at Mist are constantly working on making the Mist experience the best possible experience. So every week you will see new and updated cloud features. Here are the updates for October 10th, 2017.

Network Programmability

Geofencing WLANs Beta (Beta feature, needs custom firmware – 0.1.11766)

Use proximity location as an attribute to enable access to your WLAN. Configure a WLAN with a minimum RSSI threshold to allow clients to connect to the network. Take advantage of this feature by limiting the WiFi reach of your network to inside the four walls.  Prevent users from logging in from the parking lot or any other area outside of sanctioned areas.

To enable geofenced WLANs, navigate to Network -> WLANs to create a new WLAN.  Scroll down to find the Geofence section where you can set the allowed RSSI range in dBm for clients devices.

Note: This proximity based access is only for the initial association. If a client is already associated to the network, they will not be dissociated if their RSSI value falls below the configured threshold.


WPA-2 with TKIP (needs custom firmware – 0.1.11766)

Mist is extending its WLAN support by including the option of TKIP encryption to be used with the WPA-2 security protocol.  WPA-2 with TKIP is enabled for compatibility with older clients that cannot be connected with the AES encryption protocol.  If your device is compatible, we recommend using WPA-2 with PSK (this uses AES) to configure your WLAN for maximum security.

When setting up a new WLAN, select the WPA-2 + TKIP option to configure your network using this protocol and encryption.



If you would like access to beta features or custom firmware, please contact support@mist.com and we can help grant you access.