November 14th 2019 Updates


Action Dashboard Improvements

This week we made an improvement with the Site Map view in Marvis Actions Dashboard. Now, instead of showing the number of sites on the map, we will show the number of issues seen across all sites. Zooming in on the map area will then show the separate individual sites, each labeled with the number of issues happening at that location. This helps users get an immediate view of the number of issues in the entire org. By identifying the sites with the most issues, admins can prioritize the handling of network configurations by fixing those sites first.

To view the map view of Marvis Actions Dashboard, navigate to the Marvis page and then select the Sites tab on the top right corner of the dashboard.

Zoom in on the map to see individual site locations


Marvis Troubleshoot AP Improvements

We improved the “troubleshoot AP” command on our Marvis search query by displaying more relevant information to the summary text in the events of APs disconnecting from the cloud. Now you will be able to see if the AP disconnected due to a software failure or if there were any low power issues affecting its connectivity. The switch and switch port information will also be displayed.