Mist Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

This document provides basic troubleshooting workflow for IT Helpdesk and Operations Support teams to isolate and remediate commonly found problems on the wireless infrastructure. While no infrastructure guarantees a problem-free network, Mist through its intuitive and simple to use Dashboard UI offers network operators simple ways to perform root cause analysis of problems reported by users on the network. Leading indicators of potential problems are also discovered through the Service Level Expectation (SLE) framework on the dashboard and Mist’s rich API framework.

Trouble Tickets

Typical Customer calls relate to the following most commonly reported issues:

  • AP is disconnected
  • Clients can’t connect
  • Client’s performance is poor

Typical Reasons for AP disconnect

  • Rebooted because of crash, kernel panic
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Manually rebooted
  • PoE issues
  • AP cannot connect to cloud
  • Config pushed from cloud is bad