Marvis New Event Types

Upgrade Event Types

We are always looking to improve our Marvis virtual assistant to give you the best experience possible. Marvis is always learning and is  trying to answer your questions around client experience and network performance effectively

Association events are now all grouped together, so searching for association, roam, or authorization, will bring up the “Association” event group.  We’ve also added more shorthand search terms for searching events, such as “arp,” “timeout,” and “dhcp failure” to make the Marvis search more intuitive.  Try them out on your site today and let us know how else to improve!

Use the Guided Query option and start typing a command to see a full list of event types you can search for:


Some example queries:

“List client events with type roam during this week”

“List client events with type timeout”

“List client events with type dhcp failure”