June 24th 2022 Updates

Simplified Operations

New Default GLOBAL region

When creating a new account from https://manage.mist.com and choosing the GLOBAL region, the account will now be created on the Global 03 environment by default instead of Global 01.  Please keep in mind that if you are creating a new account and trying to access an organization that already exists in the Global 01 region, your account needs to be created either by an invitation to your organization from an existing admin, or by accessing this link directly: https://manage.mist.com/signin.html.


Please visit this page to get the endpoint information for each of our regions: https://www.mist.com/documentation/ports-enable-firewall/ 


AP List – Network Analytics and Marvis Query Search

Now, when using your Network Analytics dashboard or the Marvis Query Language search, the results for AP List will display more information, such as Ethernet Port details, LLDP information, Radio Band details, and more.  With these improvements, you can easily view the list of APs on your entire organization with the same level of detailed information provided in the AP List page under your Site view.

When configuring your AP List section under Network Analytics, make sure to select all the columns for the information you want to display:


Wired/WAN Assurance

Source address for Radius config  

We have added support for configuring the RADIUS Source Address, which sends the source address to the server with each Radius request. The L3 or IRB/SVI interface must be created with a static IP in order to be used as the Source Address.  To configure this, in your Switch Details page, find the RADIUS section and select the type of Source Address you would like configured.  See below for an example.


Organization-level Network Topology (SSR only) [Beta]

Add support to display full stack network topology for each site in an Organization. The Network Topology includes WAN Edge devices with HUB-SPOKE architecture and connected Switches and APs. Wired and wireless clients can also be searched from this network topology view.

Please Note: This BETA feature is only available for sites with claimed SSR Devices.  Improvements to this feature will come in future releases


Send WAN Edge Logs to Mist   

Add support to send TSI logs from an SSR device to the Mist cloud using “Send WAN Edge Logs to Mist“.  Similar to sending logs from the AP or Switch, sending WAN Edge Logs can be done using the Utilities dropdown menu on your WAN Edge Details page


Mist Edge

Configurable WLAN RadSec Idle Timeout

Previously the default Idle timeout for a RadSec enabled WLAN was set to 60 seconds.  Now, the idle timeout can be set anywhere from 5 – 60 seconds.  The default is also changed to 10 seconds.  The RadSec Idle timeout controls how long the AP waits to try the next Mist Edge RadSec Proxy server if the current session is no longer available.

To configure your WLAN to use Mist Edge Proxy, create a new WLAN (Site > WLANs), and select a security option with EAP (802.1X) enabled.  Then, in the RadSec box, select Mist Edge Proxy.  Here, you can set the idle timeout value directly in the UI.


Radius Source for RadSec Proxy

We now allow sourcing the Radius packet using the Tunnel IP (instead of using the default OOBM IP) for the Mist Edge cluster Radsecproxy config.  To enable these configurations, navigate to your Mist Edge details page (Organization > Mist Edges), and enable Tunnel IP as Source.