July 8th 2022 Updates

Simplified Operations

Customizable ARP, DHCP, and DNS alerts

You can now enable alerts for ARP, DHCP, and DNS in the Alert Template and set thresholds for number of failures, number of failing Wi-Fi clients, and duration of failures. A recovered alert will be automatically sent as well if a recovery event is detected without failure within the same configured duration.  Click the edit icon next to each of these events to configure the threshold values to your liking.  These alerts are also sent in the alarms webhook topic when enabled in the Alert Template.

Please note these are simple threshold based alerts and augment the existing Marvis based ARP/DHCP/DNS alerts.  The Marvis alerts offer a high degree of efficiency based on anomalous behavior without setting thresholds.

You are able to configure alerts when there are x ARP/DHCP/DNS failures or y clients experiencing failures in z duration

DHCP and DNS alerts had previously been available in our old style events alerts which are configurable under my account.  We have now migrated all previously available alerts (DHCP/DNS/AP Offline/AP Reflection Detected) in to the Alert Template.  Over the next few months we will begin to deprecate the old style events alerts.  To continue to receive alerts, you simply create an Alert Template under Monitor -> Alerts.  More information on configuring alerts can be found here: https://www.mist.com/documentation/alerts/

Update Severity Level for Alerts

In the Alerts template, we have now increased the “Honeypot SSID detected”, “BSSID Spoofing” (alpha), and “Repeated Client Authentication Failures” alert severities from information to warning.  “Warning” severity level events are displayed with an orange dot.

Find out more about setting up alerts here: https://www.mist.com/documentation/alerts/ 


WiFi Clients “Location” Table Column

You can now display the floorplan your WiFi clients are currently located on under the WiFi Clients list view. Be sure to enable Location under the Table Settings to show this new column.  Clients can be filtered or sorted by their Location in the list view.


Wired Assurance

DHCP Server/Relay

We are now rolling out the ability to configure a managed switch as a DHCP local server or DHCP relay agent for the Networks. You can configure a network with Static IP configuration on switch to run as DHCP server or relay agent from the device page.  Configure these under the Services section of your Switch Details page.


OSPF Timers

Customers can now configure Hello and Dead intervals from the Mist UI to form and maintain OSPF neighborship.  Find these configuration settings under the Routing section of your Switch Details page.


Wired Assurance Support of EX9k Series

Support Wired Assurance for EX9208 & EX9204.


WAN Assurance

LACP Support for SRX

Add the option to form aggregated ethernet interfaces for both WAN and LAN interfaces of HUB and Spoke devices.


Release workflow for SSR WAN Assurance 1.0 & 2.0 

Updated release instructions for an SSR when removed from the Mist UI for both WA 1.0 & 2.0 supported devices.  This prompt to confirm the release of your SSR devices now contains instructions to re-adopt the SSR(s) under a different organization.


Traffic Shaping 

Customers can now rate limit the WAN interfaces on spoke template configuration only using the transmit cap option for SSR devices.


Mist Edge

New events on Mist Edge Insights

We now display events for the three new Mist Edge event types added in the previous push –

– LACP Status: This event type tracks if any TunTerm port enters or drops out of a LAG membership. It will display the specific port and which LAG it is a part of. Supported events are “Port joining a LAG” and “Port dropped out of a LAG”.


– Port Status: This event type tracks port link states for Link Down/Up and Port Blocked/Unblocked. Supported events are “Tunterm Data Port down”, “Tunterm Data Port up”, “Tunterm Data Port blocked”, and “Tunterm Data Port unblocked”.


– Tunnels Lost: This event type tracks if a Mist Edge has lost all of its tunnels, for any variety of reasons. Supported events are “Tunterm Data Tunnels Lost”.


Auto-Preemption configurable for every 15 minutes

Add UI support for APs to auto-preempt to their original Mist Edge every 15 minutes. If enabled, the Time of Day and Day of Week options will be disabled. This can be configured for organization-level Mist Edges from the Mist Tunnels page, or for site-level Mist Edges from the Site Settings page.