July 21st 2022 Updates

Simplified Operations

‘Config Templates’ Renamed to ‘WLAN Templates’

As we continue to evolve our full stack capabilities, some nomenclatures are being updated to be domain specific. This week – we made that change for “Configuration Templates” renamed as WLAN Templates. These can still be found in the same place on our UI (Organization > WLAN Templates) and still function exactly the same. Use WLAN templates to apply the same WLAN configurations across multiple sites, site groups, or the entire organization.

Find out more about WLAN Templates by visiting this page: WLAN Templates – Mist


AP Mount

This newest feature allows us to determine what position a Mist AP is mounted in. We will be able to determine wether the AP is mounted on the ceiling, the floor, or on the wall. You will be able to confirm which way the AP is mounted by navigating to either the Location Live View page (via Selected Access Point) or the Access Points page (via Table Settings).

NOTE: This will only applies to newer AP models (AP63/E, AP43/E, AP33 and AP32/E).


Audit Logs Improvements

Our audit logs allows you to track changes made to the organization. Starting this week, we will now store the device name, site name, and device model when releasing a device from the inventory. The message for inventory updates has been improved with the following format:

  • Assign device – Assign Device “<MAC>” to Site “<Name>”
  • Unassign device – Unassign Device “<MAC>” from Site “<Name>”
  • Release device – Remove Device “<MAC>” (name:<Name>, model:<Model>) from Inventory

Access your Audit logs by navigating to Organization > Audit Logs


Firmware Dependency Warnings for Wireless Networks

Wireless Device settings which have an access point firmware dependency are indicated with a warning icon when configured, and we have improved these warning messages to reflect the minimum firmware version required. In this example, we can see that WPA-3/SAE security configurations require a 0.8.X or newer firmware version.


Marvis – AIOps for Full Stack

Marvis Conversational Assistant can now “Troubleshoot Application”

We are excited to bring you the capability to troubleshoot applications for wireless clients directly from our Marvis Conversational Assistant for our full stack Juniper AI driven Enterprise customers! Ask Marvis to troubleshoot an application to see the connection topology from client to cloud, as well as status and primary failures on Wireless, Wired, and WAN entities involved in the connection. Stay tuned for even more details to be available for application troubleshooting in our future releases.

This is extremely beneficial in solving and demistifying the root cause analysis for a client using an application across a Juniper full stack for wired-wireless and WAN.


WAN Assurance (SSR/SRX)

For our customers who are trialing our Day 0/Day 1 configuration for WAN assurance for SSR and SRX – subscriptions would now need to be applied to enable the functionality. We have now full stack availability for the lifecycle management for our Session Smart routers ( SSR with 128 Technology) for AI driven SDWAN, along with SRX for secure managed router use cases.

WAN assurance for SSR and SRX offering now delivers Day 0/ Day 1 configuration capabilities with bulk provisioning via API/UI, in addition to Day 2 capabilities we have had since last year with our differentiated AI primitives that help measure uptime based on end user experiences.

As you may have seen, we have been adding control plane functionality to our WAN assurance offering for both Day 0 and Day 1 the last few months – and this week – we continue to deliver on more capabilities such as:

HA Formation for WAN Edge

Customers can now form HA with SRX/SSR from the Mist UI using the Create Cluster option from Inventory & device lists page. Please ensure the devices are of the same model/firmware image & assigned to a site to create a cluster.


HA Configuration of WAN Edge

Add support to configure redundant interfaces for both WAN & LAN links on the Hub Profile & WAN Edge templates. This is supported for both SRX and SSR devices.

To access your WAN Edge Templates and Hub Profiles, navigate to Organization > WAN and select your desired page.


Hub-Spoke workflow for WAN Edge

User’s can now create Hub Profiles (Org → WAN → Hub Profiles) for Hub intended device from the Mist UI & apply to SRX/SSR device. Similarly a spoke & standalone WAN Edge templates is created & applied to a site with SRX/SSR devices.

Hub Profile –


Spoke Template –


Premium Analytics

Client Events Report

We have added a new Premium Analytics report for Client Events. This report displays event-based information, such as DHCP Events, DNS Events, Top APs with ARP Events, and more. Find the list of supported reports in https://www.mist.com/documentation/premium-analytics/.

NOTE: This new report will be made available on a per-request basis. Please open a support ticket to receive this report in your Premium Analytics dashboard for customers who have procured Premium Analytics for their Juniper Mist W-Fi networks.