January 16th 2020 Updates

Simplified Operations

See Closed Support Tickets

We are making an improvement with the visibility of support tickets by keeping closed/resolved tickets exposed on our UI. You can look for older tickets that have been solved and reference these for solutions given for any previous issues. Access the Support Tickets page by clicking on the “?” on the upper right hand corner and selecting Support Tickets. Here, you will be able to see tickets opened within the past 12 months.


Network Programmability

Additional Functions for Network Admins

Network Admins with Org-level visibility (All Sites) can now use the Replace AP function and view Audit Logs.

The Replace AP function allows users to copy the entire configuration of an old AP (WLANs, settings, physical locations) onto a new AP. In the Access Points window, navigate to the Utilities dropdown and select Replace AP. This will allow you to select an unassigned AP from your site and copy the current AP configuration onto it.


Audit logs record all administrative activities in an organization, such as creation or deletion of WLANs, updating an AP, or adding Policies. These logs allow you to have more traceability to configuration changes on your network. You may also filter your search down by selecting all of the admins and sites to include in your search.

To view Audit Logs for your organization, navigate to Organization > Audit Logs.