December 8th 2022 Updates


Marvis Conversational Assistant “Troubleshoot Site” for Wired and WAN [BETA]

This week we enhanced the “troubleshoot site” query to include any Wired and WAN issues when the deployment contains switches or gateways.  This is available to anyone with the Virtual Network Assistant subscription.


Here is an example of the additional details provided when significant Wired issues are detected


And an example of the additional details provided when significant WAN issues are detected


Wired Assurance

Campus Fabric


We are excited to introduce Campus Fabric Core-Distribution and Campus Fabric IP CLOS for users with Wired Assurance subscriptions. You will now be able to create a Campus Fabric with all types of topologies. The Beta text (yellow) will be removed in a future production push.

New features as a part of this release for Campus Fabric Core-Distribution and Campus Fabric IP CLOS only:

  • Org topologies – Customer can now configure a EVPN/VXLAN based Campus Fabric that are large scale topologies with pod structures. Each pod can represent a site (building).
  • Border leaf support in a Service Block. Border devices are located at the edge, or border, of a campus fabric. In EVPN-VXLAN terms, these devices also act as the virtual tunnel end point (VTEP) for north-south traffic entering and exiting the fabric. This is a use case for topologies with the need to keep the Core/Spine devices lean.
  • Anycast gateway support will be default for ERB and Routing at Edge for IP-CLOS topologies. Anycast gateway allows a user to configure 1 IP address per network (vlan) across all the leafs in a fabric.
  • Support for Type 5 routes in a VRF configured by default. In the control plane, EVPN Type 5 routes are used to advertise IP prefixes for inter-subnet connectivity across data centers. To reach a tenant using connectivity provided by the EVPN Type 5 IP prefix route, data packets are sent as Layer 2 Ethernet frames encapsulated in the VXLAN header over the IP network across the data centers.
  • Jumbo MTU configured by default for all fabric links, IRB interfaces and ESI-LAGs as a best practice.
  • Virtual-gateway-v4-mac (VGA) as an option for CRB topologies. An auto-defined Virtual Mac will be defined per vlan.
  • Support for EX9200s for all Campus Fabric topologies.

More details can found here –


Switch – Confirm Changes


On the switch/site/org template pages, the Mist UI now displays the Confirm Changes view whenever you make any configuration changes, which provides the difference between the existing config vs intended config pushed to the device.


Wired Assurance support for Junos EVO platforms – QFX5130 and QFX5700

Customers will now be able to onboard Juniper EVO platforms QFX5130 and QFX5700 onto the Mist dashboard for Wired Assurance support.


RADIUS-Initiated Dynamic Request support (CoA)


The Mist UI provides the option of enabling dynamic Change of Authorization initiated by the RADIUS server with the option to configure the CoA port. This allows dynamic requests from the RADIUS server so that change of authorization requests can be received.


WAN Assurance

WAN peer state visibility (SSR Only)


The WAN Edge details page now provides insights and telemetry for the peer path connection which is helpful in troubleshooting and monitoring data over the tunnel. Keep in mind that this detail is only available for Session Smart Router devices.


Customer Engagement

POE Analytics Report (Premium Analytics)

POE Analytics report generates insights about POE ports and POE power usage on the Wired network. With this report, users can obtain information about the organization-wide POE ports and their types, available POE budget, and the POE consumption on the wired network, switch or interface.


Site Comparison Reports for Wireless & Wired (Premium Analytics)

Site Comparison Reports for Wireless & Wired compares both Wireless & Wired reports against several selected sites under one org. Making comparing Wireless & Wired information between several sites easier and simpler to-do.