CloudShark Integration for Dynamic PCAP

In addition to downloading Dynamic Packet Captures (PCAP) directly to your computer for analysis, you can now also use our new CloudShark integration to view your Dynamic PCAP files directly on your web browser.  There are no required manual setting changes needed – you can start using this right away.

To open a dynamic PCAP in CloudShark, go to your Client Insights page and find a client event with a dynamic packet capture (indicated by a paperclip icon). Underneath the “Download Packet Capture” button you will see a button to Open in Cloudshark.

Clicking on this will open a disclaimer noting that your packet capture will be transferred to CloudShark’s platform and the URL will be deleted from there in one hour.

Select OK, and view your packet capture directly on your web browser through CloudShark’s platform. It will look something like this

By default we use Mist credentials to integrate with CloudShark, but you may also add your own custom host to open these packet captures. This can be specified under your org settings page (Organization > Settings). Here, you can enter your own API token and URL to be used.