Organization Config

Simple Case

In the most simple case: Each customer is created as a separate organization Within that organization multiple sites can be created Each site – in this example – has it’s own configuration

Site Groups

As a customer gains more sites the concept of groups can be useful For example a large retail chain may want to group sites by state or county Site Groups allow this concept Sites can exist in multiple groups at the same time – for example the same retailer may want to group large stores...

MSP Level

A Mist Partner may request Managed Service Provider (MSP) level access which allows an overview of multiple organizations The MSP dashboard can then provide the status of multiple organizations on a single pane of glass and allow access to those organizations as required Organizations can only belong to one MSP at a time.   Only...

Creating and deleting an Organization

If you already have a Mist account but want to set up a new Organization Go to ‘My Account by clicking the person icon in the top right of the screen and click on utilities Delete Account will – delete your account Create Organization will create a new organization with you as a super user.

Organization Information

The Organization level contains customer specific details Most settings have already been covered in the main settings page Name – is whatever you want Management tunnel allows controlled access to the Mist interface if required. Password and session policies are self explanatory The certificate section is used if RADSEC is implemented for 802.1x authentication

Organization Labels (vs site labels)

Labels are a key feature for Mist, they can be considered as tags or groups which can be used to make decisions and policies easier to understand. Site Groups are a type of label Labels can be created at an Organization level and they are then available to all sites or at an individual site...

Configuration Templates

A Config template is a collection of WLAN policies, Tunneling Policies and WxLAN policies. WxLAN is the Mist Policy Engine which is covered later. Configuration Template example The benefit of a template is the same configuration can be applied to multiple sites or site groups or the entire organization. Local site configs can be added...

RF Templates

RF Templates define the country specific information along with basic RF and RRM (Radio Resource Management) parameters. For smaller deployments they may not be required. Key points to consider Country – very important to get Regulatory domain configured correctly. Limit power ranges (if required) Channel for 2.4 and 5 GHz Channel selection. It is always...