Asset Visibility (Case Studies)

New BLE Clients page

New BLE Clients page We have revamped our BLE Clients page to include easy navigation and improved functionality for viewing your beacon devices.  Now, we sort and separate BLE clients by types: iBeacon, Eddystone UID, Eddystone URL, and Eddystone TLM.  These 4 types of clients can be viewed in their own tabs, which can be...

Asset Tracking

Tag Vendors / Configuration: Tag Vendors: Any tag vendor will work with Mist as long as the APs are able to detect the tags. Tag vendors we’ve worked with the most; Blue vision, and Radius Networks. Tag / Beacon Configuration: For configuration for both tags and beacons we recommend setting tags to >100 ms...

Asset Tracking – in room analytics

This is an POC using lanyard based BLE tags to for “workplace utilization” to understand how doctors and nurses are using the examination room. Note this use case requires a BT11 in every room. Mist would also do the Wifi but in this use case tracking room utilization was the primary use case.

Asset tracking at a large conference

This was a great example of using short life BLE tags to establish identity when the user registered to the conference and then use webhooks to off load the data to post process later with their own zone information.