August 24th 2017 Updates

We at Mist are constantly working on making the Mist experience the best possible experience. So every week you will see new and updated Cloud Features. Here are the updates for August 23, 2017.

Simplified Operations:

Org Template enhancements: Multi-PSK WLANs (Beta Feature)

Mist provides organization templates for a more streamlined way of setting up multiple sites with preset configurations.  Org templates allow admins to setup Org level WxLAN Policies, WLAN Data Tunnels, and WLANs.

WLANs with multiple Security keys ensures better network control by allowing specific groups to access the SSID using predefined passphrases.  Mist is bringing our Multi-PSK WLAN feature to the Organization level, allowing admins to enable them straight from their Org Templates.

To configure a Multi-PSK WLANs using Org templates, select Multi-PSK when creating a WLAN from the template.  Once created, set your security keys by navigating to your WLAN (Network -> WLANs).  Here, add multiple passphrases and specify allowed users on each key.

To learn more about setting up Org templates, please refer to our page in the support portal:


Create Notes for APs from the Mist AI App

Using our MistAI App, create Notes for each AP to keep track of any issues or future updates that pertain to the particular device.  Now, notes applied to the AP from our app will be visible on the Access Points page, allowing you to easily keep track of your notes taken while using the mobile app.

To learn more about our MistAI App, please refer to our release notes here:

Find our Mist AI app on the iTunes app store for your iPhone (here) and iPad (here)


Additional support for Mobile Carriers on SMS Login

Mist Systems is extending its Social Login (beta feature) with support for additional wireless carriers.  Now, text message login through the guest captive portal includes support for these additional carriers:

  • Republic Wireless
  • Cricket Wireless
  • MetroPCS
  • Tracfone
  • Virgin Mobile USA


Resolved Defects: Site Events for DHCP

Instead of flooding the Site Events page with every single DHCP error, we will now only show a DHCP error event if more than one client is affected.  This helps with sorting through site events by eliminating individual isolated errors and only highlights more prominent issues which affect multiple users.


Advanced Notice: Rate Limiting API Calls

To enhance our security measures, in the future we will be rate limiting API calls to 5,000 per hour for each customer.


If you would like access to beta features, please contact and we can help grant you access.