The New Wireless Network

Mist is the only modern WLAN platform born in the era of the cloud, smartphones, A.I. and Bluetooth® LE

Top Architecture Differences


Mist is a massively scalable, distributable software architecture built with modern cloud tools.

First generation cloud solutions are made up of virtual controllers in distributed datacenters.


Mist uses A.I. to automate operations and give visibility into the user experience. Others provide event logs and network status indicators, not actionable and proactive insight.


Mist virtualizes the indoor experience with machine learning, virtual beacons, and patented antenna technology.

Others rely on battery beacons for Bluetooth® LE location.

Feature Comparison

User service levels

    • Throughput, Time to Connect, Roaming, Coverage, and Capacity (-pre and -post connection)


  • Site, AP and user level SLEs




Root cause identification and remediation

    • Event correlation across wireless/wired/device domains


  • Normalization across global data sets



  • Trending analysis



Event logs

Dynamic Packet Capture

    • Happens proactively when event is detected in real-time



Virtual assistant for help desk automation


Baseline and Anomaly detection

    • By device type and OS



Modern cloud architecture

    • Microservices


  • Real-time event processing



  • Reliability due to service containerization



  • Elastic scale



  • Storm, Spark, Kafka, Mesos, containers…



Virtual controllers hosted in distributed data centers

100% open via APIs

    • API-first mentality


  • Everything is programmable



Small feature set available via APIs

Personalized WLANs and IoT segmentation via policy fabric

    • WxLAN: point and click policy setup for wireless users across all APs



Correlation of system level events to user experience


Feature release agility

    • Approximately every week


Approximately every 3 months

Proactive network insight with visibility into user service levels

    • Visibility into network and user experience



Managed service view across all customers

AP status only

Global insight across customers for trending and anomaly detection


Minimize OPEX using automation

    • Event correlation


  • Dynamic pCAP




Expanded service offering with location

    • Bluetooth™ LE engagement


  • Bluetooth™ LE asset visibility



  • Open SDK




Enterprise-grade Bluetooth® LE Access Point

    • All Mist APs have patented 16 element Bluetooth™ LE antenna array


Single omni Bluetooth™ LE beacon in AP

Virtual Beacons

Requires battery powered physical BLE beacons

Machine learning for automatic site calibration



  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth™ LE and IoT Part of existing Mist services

Wi-Fi only

Easy Bluetooth® LE overlay

  • Bluetooth™ LE only Access Points available
  • Deployed via daisy chaining


Industry Buzz

“The most ‘next-gen’ WLAN platform I have ever seen”

Network Computing
Network Computing

“Virtual Bluetooth® LE is freakin’ huge.”

Lee Badman, Mobility Field Day delegate / Blogger
Lee Badman, Mobility Field Day delegate / Blogger

“Listen up vendors: this is the right approach.”

Mike Albano, Google
Mike Albano, Google

“By far the best implementation of SLA-based wireless I’ve seen to date.”

Jake Snyder, Mobility Field Day Delegate / Blogger
Jake Snyder, Mobility Field Day Delegate / Blogger

“Mist Systems is redefining the indoor location services market.”

Gartner, Cool Vendor Report 2016
Gartner, Cool Vendor Report 2016

“Today the industry is moving from first-generation cloud WLAN solutions to purpose-built cloud solutions based on modern elements such as containers and microservices. The result is web scale, increased agility, and performance.”

— IDC Technology Spotlight

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