Amazing Wireless Experiences
with the Mist Cloud

The wireless industry is transitioning to the cloud. Are you ready?

Mist offers a wide array of subscription services that make it easy to “go cloud”, while delivering advanced functionality not available with outdated WLAN solutions. Buy one, or mix and match the subscriptions together to get the perfect blend of connectivity, troubleshooting, analytics, and engagement. These services enable you to deliver amazing user experiences across the wired and wireless network.


AI-Driven Cloud Services

Mist provides the industry’s most robust WLAN with customizable service levels, automated event correlation, dynamic packet capture, inline policy engine, personalized WLANs, guest Wi-Fi, and more.
Simple natural language queries and integrated help desk functions ensure unprecedented insight and rapid, proactive Wi-Fi problem resolution.
Deliver rich user experiences with real-time location-based context, including turn-by-turn directions, proximity-based notifications and alerts through Virtual Bluetooth LE. No battery beacons or manual calibration required.
Locate high value assets, such as wheelchairs, equipment carts, and pallets. Find nearby sales associates, nurses, and more. Traffic analytics from Mist enable better business decisions and ensure optimal allocation of resources.

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