From SLE to SLA – Holding Wireless MSPs Accountable


Not too long ago, we put out a paper on the benefits of using Mist to Managed Service Providers. It covers how Mist partners can use our groundbreaking platform to deliver wireless as a service, with unprecedented insight into mobile user behavior and automation of day-to-day tasks for faster problem resolution and lower operational costs….

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Holding your WLAN accountable with service-level expectations


Wi-Fi may not be the only problem when it comes to connectivity issues. Here’s how to accurately and easily address this problem. In my last post, “#WirelessSucks: Where do we go from here?” I talked about the need for better insight into the root cause of network problems. All too often, the Wi-Fi infrastructure is…

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11 Reasons Wireless is Sexy Again


We’re only one month into 2017, but wireless has reinvented itself and we’re falling in love all over again. Check out the slideshare, “11 Reasons Wireless is Sexy Again,” to see the technologies that are rekindling our wireless spark. Who would have thought artificial intelligence, virtual beacons, new antenna arrays, the cloud, BLE, and other…

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How AI will transform your Wi-Fi


I’ve always had a lot of respect for veterinarians, because they are masters at solving problems based purely on fuzzy symptoms that their patients cannot explain: where it hurts, how long it’s been hurting, and what events led up to the problem. Many times the patients don’t even know they are sick. Yet a vet…

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Get Your Network Ready for Standardized Testing


Holiday break is over and high energy students are settling back into their desks for the New Year. January brings a buzz of excitement for students to see friends and teachers, but it also brings a new, often daunting, project for administrators and IT: getting ready for testing season. How much bandwidth does each student…

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#WirelessSucks: Where do we go from here?


Is Wi-Fi really the problem, or is it getting a bad rap? As wireless becomes more predominant and business critical, it’s essential to get to the root of the issue. “The Wi-Fi doesn’t work.” After speaking to hundreds of customers of all sizes, this is consistently one of the top help desk complaints that I…

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It Takes A Village To Deliver A Great Indoor Location Experience


“The best time is always right now; the best place is always right here.” While this is a great philosophy for living life, it is also very applicable to wireless. That is because mobile users have become accustomed to high speed connectivity that allows instantaneous access to information, coupled with smart applications that take advantage…

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After Decades Of Dreaming, Indoor Location’s Time Has Come

The precise information you need, delivered exactly when and where you need it. Personalized engagement and experiences. Easy step-by-step navigation. These are just some of the things you get with indoor location-based services. Similar functions have existed outdoors for more than a decade thanks to GPS and apps like Google Maps. However, indoor location services…

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Machine Learning, Cloud, And Big Data: A Perfect Storm


Cloud and big data technologies complement machine learning, creating an array of new applications. I have spent 30 years of my life making a living in wireless. In the last 10 years, I have also been learning the art of wine making. Both passions have their good days and their challenging days. But that’s not…

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Indoor Location Services: Reaching The Tipping Point


With BLE becoming a standard feature in mobile devices, indoor location is finally headed for widespread deployment. One of the many things I learned throughout my career is that mobile devices can drive industry disruption. The iPhone drove the wireless internet. Intel putting WiFi into the laptop with Centrino drove the wireless controller transition. And…

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