AI for IT

AI is changing IT forever. It makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable with rapid deployment, simplified operations, and fast troubleshooting. In addition, it enables high accuracy location services that are simple and scalable.

Foundation of an AI-Driven WLAN

Global Data

Mist collects over 100 pre – and post – connection states in near real-time from every wireless device.


Set, monitor, and enforce service levels for key Wi-Fi metrics such as Time to Connect, Throughput, Coverage, Capacity, and Roaming.

Data Science

Machine learning analyzes data and provides actionable insight, such as root cause identification and remediation.

Virtual Assistant

Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables simple queries; Troubleshooting is easy with anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and more.

Meet Marvis™ – Mist’s AI Engine

Whiteboard Technical Video Series

Marvis uses machine learning, neural networks, NLP and other AI technologies to simplify IT operations and enhance the mobile user experience. Here’s a deep dive into some of the data science inside Marvis.


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